Cannabis and Epilepsy

«The man I love, Adam, has Epilepsy, Chronic head pain, and a Movement Disorder (as a result of his Epilepsy,) as well as nerve pain from his previous ‘medications.’ He’s found much success with Cannabis as his medicine. With it, he was able to go almost three years without a seizure. Every morning, at about 5 am, when his movement disorder wakes us, I literally get to watch his medicine work.»

Published on Jan 25, 2013

A visual demonstration of the effectiveness of Cannabis as medicine for Epilepsy and Movement Disorders… Ok boys and girls, we’re in a dire situation here, as Adam’s SSDI was taken away. If you can’t help, I understand, but please pass it on to those who may be able to!! Thanks again for all the love so far! Please visit our website,, click on the “More” option, then the “Help Adam” tab.