Marijuana patients hope police won’t enforce new pot laws

«Six weeks after she started taking concentrated marijuana oil capsules, she went into remission which her oncologist calls miraculous.

But new Health Canada regulations mean she and other pot patients will have to pay about seven dollars per gram of prescribed marijuana. Crowther says she cannot afford what could amount to $3,100 a month.

“I’m fighting for my life. I want to live and the government wants to kill me,” she says.

Crowther believes a lot of people in her position will either go to jail for growing their own unlicensed marijuana or die because they cannot afford legal weed.

“I’m going to become a criminal. I’m going to grow my own pot. I’m going to make my oil. If they want to charge me … they basically are going to write my death sentence, because if they throw me in jail I will not be able to get the oil, my cancer will come back, and I will die,” says Crowther.

Many patients and compassion club dispensaries that grow their own medical marijuana are hoping police do not have the enforcement resources to shut down the 22 thousand medical grow operations across the country that will become illegal in April.»