On Brave Mykayla’s Facebook Status —Monday, March 24, 2014 at 12:19pm.

«STEVE KING [comments]: I thought you had her on strictly a Cannabis oil regiment?…

BRAVE MYKAYLA: Yes she takes oil and chemo… It is all hard. The oil helps her but this is no walk in the park. […] She can’t just be on oil… You don’t have that option in the [US].

CRYSTAL HANEGRAAF: How long has she been battling? How long has she been on oil? Why don’t they allow only oil? Prayers and lots of love!!

SAMARA YOUNG: The reason they don’t allow just oil is because the greedy pharmectical companies lobbied for it to be that way and since our governments corrupt they get what they want.

BRAVE MYKAYLA [To CRYSTAL HANEGRAAF]: July 14th 2012 was diagnosis day she was sick a few month before that. She has been on intensive chemo from July 16 2012 to May 2013 and daily maintenance chemo from May 2013-November 13, 2014. She has been on the oil since 10 days after diagnosis. They don’t allow parents to deny chemotherapy because it is the only approved treatment for cancer (per the FDA [i.e., TODAY’S “SCIENCE”]) because cancer is life threatening… If you deny it they consider it medical neglect.

STUNTMAN MIKE: Im so sorry that they make you administer such horrendous medication to your baby i know how i would feel, the law is just so stupid it is beyond belief.»