Worth Repeating: Cannabinoids Kill Pancreatic Cancer Cells —By Ron Marczyk On August 31, 2013

«The AMPK system is the cancer cell’s energy thermostat

The five research studies below all conclude that cannabinoids have the powerful ability to limit or stop pancreatic cancer cells’ ability to produce energy from glucose, and also to stop that glucose from being used within the Krebs cycle. Energy is needed by the cancer cell to run, repair and grow itself. After glucose production stops, cannabinoids then activate an internal self-destruct signal within cancer cells to commit suicide though cannibalizing themselves in a process called autophagy, eating themselves as a last chance energy source, remarkably leaving healthy cells untouched.

Cannabinoid-Induced Cancer Cell Death by Autophagy Through AMPK Shutdown

The main player here is an enzyme called 5 AMP-activated protein kinase, or AMPK for short. It is a “chemical e-mail” which transmits instructions to the internal metabolism energy systems in the cancer cell. It appears that cannabinoids stop AMPK from doing its job of maintaining energy regulation, which kills the cancer cell.

The AMPK system within is a combination signaling pathway and energy sensor that maintains energy homeostasis. It keeps the fuel coming to the cancer cell by using ATP supplies, including fatty acid oxidation and autophagy.

In short, cannabinoids kill pancreatic cancer by shutting down the cancer’s ability to make and use energy, thus shutting down the cancer cells’ internal energy grid and making them starve to death while disassembling and eating themselves for fuel.»