{Selection, capitalizations, & notes : Rafael Andrés Escribano}


«Even if cannabis production is as costly as CHERRY TOMATO growing (~$20,000 per acre) the resulting cost per pound would be quite small, although the precise ratio depends on how one prorates the cost over production of the two distinct products: 575 pounds of buds and roughly 2000 pounds of other cannabis material.

The simplest cost would be to lump the two products together and report it as $20,000 / 2500 = $8 per pound of (mostly) commercial grade marijuana. [i.e. EIGHT US DOLLARS PER POUND OF COMMERCIAL GRADE MARIJUANA]

THIS FIGURE IS MORE OF AN UPPER BOUND THAN A BEST ESTIMATE. If production costs are more like those of LETTUCE or ASPARAGUS ($6,000 per acre), the cost per pound falls to $6,000 / 2500 = ~$2.50 per pound [i.e. TWO AND A HALF US DOLLARS PER POUND OF COMMERCIAL GRADE MARIJUANA]. If production costs were akin to those mentioned in the industrial hemp studies, then the implied price would fall below $1 per pound.

However, whether the cost is $1 per pound or $8 per pound or even $10 per pound, the key point is that the production cost would be an order of magnitude lower than the low end of commercial grade prices per pound now seen in the U.S. Apparently, California-farmed legal commercial grade marijuana could outcompete commercial grade marijuana produced illegally in Mexico or in parts of the U.S. where production remains illegal.»

Ejemplo del precio de la FLOR DE CÁÑAMO en Puerto Rico:

Sin freno las incautaciones de invernaderos de marihuana
Por Maribel Hernández Pérez

«El 99% del tipo de planta que ha ocupado en estos cultivos es de la variedad “cripy” que tiene un valor en el mercado de $4,000 la libra.»



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