KNHBSM ~ CANNABIS en la Biblia

En nombre de Cristo…

«Y echaban fuera muchos demonios, y ungían con aceite a muchos enfermos y los sanaban.»
(Marcos 6:13)


Kaneh Bosm ~ Caña Aromática

250 siclos (± 7 libras)

«In my opinion, we now have THE definitive translation for kaneh bosm in the recipe of the holy anointing oil of Moses in Exodus 30:23. Eliezer Ben-Yehuda (1859-1922) is credited almost single-handedly with reviving the Hebrew language in the last century, and with being THE highest authority on virtually all matters of translation, etc. He even started the Academy of the Hebrew Language which still exists today and has “binding authority” on the Israeli government in matters of the Hebrew language. In the 1964 Ben-Yehuda Hebrew-English / English-Hebrew dictionary it says that kaneh bosm is cannabis hemp, page 140. If Ben-Yehuda’s dictionary says kaneh bosm is cannabis hemp, then we have the final authority on the Hebrew language confirming for us and for all of humankind, the blessing of cannabis spirituality in written history. Muslims, Hebrews and Christians all regard the first five books of the Bible with respect. The part that the holy anointing oil played in the ancient times is enormous, especially considering that the very word, “Christ” means literally, “anointed”. The holy anointing oil of Moses included cannabis and was an ‘active’ sacrament imparting a true religious experience on the receiver. Now we know, 2 – 4, 000 years later. How long has there been a placebo holy oil on the altar of religions? I truly want to know. Do you? This is a time of great definition. A time of revealing the truth. The truth of cannabis in ancient times is more certain by the day. Hallelujah! And the certainty of us winning all cases that come against us has just become even more clear. All the very best to you, love, Roger»


7304 anointing


3239 Holy Spirit, anointing of


«KANEHBOSM (cáñamo en español, cánhamo en portugués, canapa en italiano, kálamo en vasco, chanvre en francés, etcétera) aparece en cualquier edición del Torah judío (Viejo Testamento cristiano), en el libro de Éxodo, capítulo 30, versículos 22 al 33, donde Yavé le explica a Moisés cómo preparar el aceite de la unción, que es el aceite para hacer ungido al candidato a ser ungido, es decir, para hacer cristo al candidato a ser cristo. El aceite de la unción requiere 250 siclos (± 7 libras) de KANEHBOSM. La imagen que aparece a continuación es de la edición del Torah del erudito judío Arieh Kaplan.»
Rafael Andrés Escribano



«El cálamo es una planta de pantano muy común y barata que no tiene ni la calidad ni los valores atribuidos al “kaneh bosm”.»

«∞ ❤️ ∞ Por otra parte, es importante tener presente que la palabra CÁLAMO (KALAMU) es la palabra vasca o euskera para CÁÑAMO. “cáñamo: 1 m BOT kalamu; (fibra) kalamu cáñamo indio indiar kalamu

— Rafael Andrés Escribano

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