Make The Medicine

«At first, it may seem daunting for some to try to produce their own medicine but in reality, this process is extremely simple. All you have to do is carefully follow the instructions and after you produce this medication a couple of times, you will find that it is not much harder to make than a cup of coffee. Once you have produced your own medication, it takes all the mystery out of medicine and you no longer have to rely on doctors in most cases, for now you have become your own doctor.» —Rick Simpson

«Are hemp and marijuana the same?

The word MARIHUANA is one of over four hundred slang terms used worldwide to describe the CANNABIS and/or HEMP plant. […]

Is this the same as HEMP SEED OIL?

No. This oil is produced from the bud material of the cannabis hemp plant and it is the essential oil of the hemp plant. Health food stores sell oil that is made from hemp seed that is often mislabeled as hemp oil but what they really are selling is cold pressed hemp seed oil and that is what should be on their label. Although seed oil is very beneficial, it does not contain enough THC to have any effect on cancer and other serious illnesses. […]

I always produce this oil using strong Indica varieties, but Indica dominant Sativa crosses can often produce excellent results also. There are thousands of strains that have been bred back and forth with each other and they all differ in their medicinal values. Some strains are better pain killers, while others may be better to control blood sugar levels for diabetics or ocular pressure for glaucoma patients. I have good reason to call the hemp plant, the plant with a thousand different medicinal profiles. Once you experience the medicinal effects, oils produced from different strains can have, you will understand exactly what I mean. But luckily for us, if the oil is properly produced it does work very well in the treatment of all types of cancer. At this time all I can do is tell the public to order strong Indica or Indica dominant Sativa crosses that have 20% THC or more, to produce their oil. […]

All these solvents including alcohol are poisonous in nature but if you follow these instructions, solvent residue in the finished oil is not a concern. After the finished product cools to room temperature, it is a thick grease-like substance rather than an oil and it is about as anti-poisonous as you can get. Even if there was a slight trace of solvent residue remaining, the oil itself would act upon it to neutralize any harmful poisonous effect.»

«Many seem to believe the oil must be amber and that you should be able to see through it. Often the oils I produced did exhibit these traits but not always. The color and texture of the oil you are producing depends a great deal on the strain, method, and solvent that you are using to produce the oil. Don’t be concerned if the oil you produce happens to be darker in color, this does not mean that such an oil is not a potent medicine. Indeed some of the strongest oils I have ever produced were dark in color, but they still had the desired medicinal effects.»

«From my experience all forms of disease and conditions are treatable and often curable with the use of high grade hemp oil as a treatment.

Due to its harmless nature as a medicine, hemp oil is in a class all by itself. Even something like aspirin tablets that is looked upon as being harmless by the public causes thousands of deaths worldwide each year.

If you are looking for a SAFE MEDICATION, look no further than what the hemp plant can provide. On top of all that it’s a MEDICINE WE CAN ALL GROW AND PRODUCE OURSELVES. Also there is no need for a doctor’s supervision with its use.

When the hemp plant is grown for medicinal use, you now have your own medical system that is much safer and effective than anything our current medical system provides. You still may require a doctor to set your broken leg, but you will no longer need the chemicals they have been pushing upon us.

Hemp is medicine for the masses and no one has the right to control its use. We are all different and we all have different tolerances for practically everything. So it is up to each and every one of us to determine for ourselves how much oil we require to maintain good health.

Over the years people have come to me who after years of treatment by the medical system did not even have a diagnosis for their conditions. But the oil exercised its amazing healing power and their medical problems were solved.

Another aspect of the use of hemp as medicine is its anti-aging properties. As we age, our vital organs deteriorate and of course this impairs the function of these organs.

Hemp oil rejuvenates vital organs even in small doses it is very common for people to report to me that they feel 20 to 30 years younger after only ingesting the oil for a short time.»

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«Alcohol affects your motor skills, as do many pharmaceuticals that people commonly use everyday and still drive their cars. The effects of derivatives from the hemp plant do not necessarily impair your motor skills. If you are driving under the influence of hemp and have built up your tolerance for this medication, you are not impaired. From my experience, if anything, hemp can often improve a person’s motor skills. Look at Ross Rebagliati, who won a gold medal at the Olympic games for snowboarding with hemp in his system. Could a person who is impaired even in a slight way win a gold medal? In the sport of snowboarding, you would not do very well if your motor skills were not functioning properly. Or ask any musician who smokes pot if their performance and creativity are not often enhanced by its use. Again, what the system is trying to tell us about the danger of using hemp with regard to driving is far from the truth. I think if all drivers had a little hemp in their systems, there would be a lot less speeding, and road rage could disappear for the most part, since many drivers would be in a much better mood.

Eating a small amount of hash or smoking a little hemp had reduced my consumption of liquor very dramatically. It seemed I was turning more and more away from the use of alcohol.» From The Rick Simpson Story, available @