The Cannabis Manifesto (2012)

*Excerpts and excerpt transcription by Tristán Reyes Alvarado
(Minute 48:57) 

«[…] or grow the plants yourselves. But, I mean…

What the Canadian Government is doing is really little more than a scam. And it helps with the smoke screen, you know…

[They] keep telling the public through their news media—which they control too…

The people that run the governments—and everything—control the news media…

Well, they make this government policies look good, but in truth, it’s just a pack of lies… And they are not really helping anyone!

So, I honestly look at the governments like the one in Canada as being, you know…

If you are looking for a drug dealer, well, look no further than the Canadian Government! They are selling low quality drugs at a very high price.

And, I really should make it clear to the people that I DON’T FEEL THAT CANNABIS SHOULD EVEN BE CALLED A DRUG. IT’S A MEDICINE—as far as I’m concerned.

I mean, we use that word in the medical system… The doctors, they all use DRUGS… And the same thing when you go on the street, people are using DRUGS […] to get high or whatever […] They are all using DRUGS! […] But these substances are all harmful and dangerous.


And that’s what it truly is.»

(Minute 52:36)

13. The Future Belongs to a Hemp Economy

JAKA (INTERVIEWER) — «[Rick, you say…] the Canadian marihuana program is a smoke screen… Um, how come the government does not have a real interest in reducing the “black market” actually… If you legalize there would be no black market… Would be…»

RICK SIMPSON — «I mean, their masters—that own them—they are the ones that are pulling their strings. They are the ones telling the governments what to do, because they are also the ones that own the drug companies. They control the media… They own the drug companies… And, they own the governments. So the governments just play by whatever rules that they want to put in place.

So that’s the reason… I mean… Yes! There should be no black market at all!

As a matter of fact, if we were simply allowed to grow this plant properly… I mean, if you’d this on a grand scale you could cure the public for practically nothing… Or you can provide them with this oil…

Because, it’s really no different than any other farm crop. Just like corn… You grow a hundred acres of corn… Well, next field to it, grow a hundred acres of hemp!

It’s a food source. It’s an energy source. And it’s a wonderful source of medicine.

You know… And with all the uses of this plant! It’s not just the medicine! You can use… the stalks… the seeds… It’s just endless what you can make from the hemp plant.

So, we have to be insane not to be using this…

And this is the excuse they always use, “we can’t grow hemp as an energy source because it would use up all our valuable farm land…”

Well, that’s nonsense! Because it is a wonderful food crop and at the same time you can produce your ethanol from it… To run your car, heat your home…

One acre will produce—and I’ve seen the process myself—one acre, if grown properly, will produce as much as 1,800 gallons of ethanol. Which will run your car, heat your home, and give you a few hundred gallons left a year, leftover…

And that would make you energy sufficient!

They don’t want that! They want you at their mercy. And that’s what it’s always been about. ‘Cause this people are nothing more that literally control freaks. That’s what they are…»

(Minute 54:45)


RICK SIMPSON — «That’s right!»

JINDŘICH BAYER — «It simply cannot be done.

A simple example… If we stick to medicine. Czech Republic is spending about a billion dollars on diabetics only. There’s 800,000 of them!

[Now JB, addressing JAKA—musician, cannabis activist, DIABETIC—who’s sitting left to Rick and him…]

You know yourself what the oil does for diabetes. IF YOU COULD EAT 4 GRAMS A DAY YOU WOULD NOT NEED THE INSULIN AT ALL.

[JB continues]

And we are spending a billion dollars every year… And the money leaves Czech Republic and goes somewhere…. And never comes back! [Chuckles in disbelief…]

And that’s diabetes only!

Then, add fuel, like Rick said… Ok [I give you… maybe…], not all cars, not everything…But if 50%… If [just] all tractors ran on that [HEMP FUEL]… Why not???

Then, the price of food goes down, logically… Because when you don’t have to pay €1, 2, 3 euros for a litter of gas on a truck/tractor… Then, logically, the food can be cheaper. And people don’t have money… And the state has to make sure the people eat and survive. Not that they die out…»

RICK SIMPSON — «And not only that, but… The farmers have the right to grow this crop properly again. Well, I mean, all through history, it was known that this was used as a wonderful feedstock… You know that after they take the hemp seed oil out of the seeds, these seed cakes are fed to the animals. It’s some of the best animal feeding on the planet! So, this would not only provide them with medicine to treat their livestock, but it would also provide them with the food source for their livestock.

And it’s like Jindrich said… For any country, to try and run an economy without the use of hemp… Or for any farmer to actually try to practice that profession, and not be allowed to grow hemp… You know… It’s insanity!

The farmers need the right to grow this. And everyone…

We all need to have that freedom…»

JINDŘICH BAYER — «Would you rather eat meat from animals that were fed some strange food and injected with antibiotics, or would you rather eat pigs that would eat hemp and would not require any antibiotics at all?

Would you rather eat chicken that’s fed with hemp seeds and is healthy—doesn’t suffer from all those bad conditions—or would you rather eat the industrial product?

Would you rather eat carp or [i.e.] fish—which will be rich in Omega-3,6,9 because it will feed of the hemp seed—or would you rather eat fish which feeds of ground up leaf or dead animals?

It’s as simple as that… ECONOMY… You are paying too much and the money is leaving the country. You want the money here.


RICK SIMPSON — «Makes sense… 🙂 …»

(Minute 58:05)

JINDŘICH BAYER — «All nations, all economies, seventy years ago and before, were basically hemp-based. Or hemp was used… as clothing…

You can find that in all cultures from Egypt on…

RICK SIMPSON — «You know, they used to pay their taxes with it… The farmers paid their taxes with Hemp in the US [United States of America].

JINDŘICH BAYER — «And HEMP SEED PORRIDGE was a traditional meal. A hundred and fifty years ago, most people ate porridges…

RICK SIMPSON — «It was called “GRUEL”. “Eat your gruel!”. Well, “your gruel” was actually hemp seed! Ha, ha, ha [laughter of joy]… The most nutricious seed on Earth!»

JINDŘICH BAYER  «So, it all makes sense… And then, lamp oil… That was HEMP SEED OIL… Because it’s the healthiest thing [if you eat it too]… Of course!… If you burn hemp seed oil because it shines better than anything else… And it’s kinda better to be in that room than when you boil a petroleum product…»

RICK SIMPSON  «It [hemp seed oil] doesn’t have kerosene. You know… all that smoke…»

JINDŘICH BAYER  «So, all of that… It was always used. They used to treat tuberculosis in Czech Republic with that hemp seed porridge only… So, like… what else…

What else would you give to a suffering patient on a hospital bed? Something that’s easy to digest? Something that will give him all the nutrients, all the nutrition, the minerals he needs, all Omega-3,6,9? Or something else that he will have a problem chewing?»

RICK SIMPSON — «You know, you can actually feel what it does for you. I mean, if you actually sit down and eat a good handful of hemp seed or hemp hurds everyday… Do it for about three days and tell me you don’t feel the difference!… I mean, the energy level… “Everything!”… It increases it… It’s noticeable…»

JINDŘICH BAYER  «So, cannabinoids balance your system and cannabis balances your farm. That’s about it…

In Hungary, they used to have… Potatoes/Hemp/Potatoes/Hemp [planted in line, one strip of crop right next to the other], because then you do not have need any herbicides, pesticides, and all that… Plus, another thing that’s good to know is that, when you make the oil, the plant is so smart, that it does not let any pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, molds, or something enter the resin. So, if you use ether or naphtha or 99 per cent isopropyl—but, preferably naphtha or benzene—then you don’t strip the plant materials. And if don’t have plant materials in the oil then you don’t have herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, molds, or anything else…»

RICK SIMPSON  [adds] «…anything else is [left] behind…»

JINDŘICH BAYER  «So you can basically process anything you want for the oil… Plus, there are other ways to purify the oil… [i.e.] You have a barrel of oil you need to purify… you go to a chemist and he finds a way to make sure there’s absolutely nothing in it… And, that’s how you do it…

So, that way, you don’t actually need to grow “medical marihuana” in green houses under “controlled conditions” only, and you can grow it out in the field.

If you know you are going to make the oil from it, well, who cares… If you know that it’s for smoking, then, of course, roof—to protect it from the rain and this and that—but, why not smoke the oil?

It’s better. One puff from a vaporizer and that’s all a patient needs. So, why not?»